04/07/2012: With the completion of my latest painting, "Addison's Walk" this week, I now turn my attention to completing several Pet Portraits that have been commissioned, and prepare to begin "storyboarding" the movie, "The Lion Awakes." I'll admit that I loved how the painting turned out, but I was completely overwhelmed by the wonderful reception it has received on Facebook! Thank you all who took a moment to comment or to "Like" it on my page!

04/01/2012: I am in my studio this week, feverishly working to create a new painting that will encapsulate the movie, “The Lion Awakes” into a single scene. The movie has deep and spiritual meanings and subtle undertones of fantasy, friendship, and faith. Trying to capture all of the important elements that will make this movie so amazing is proving to be a daunting task!

My plan is to begin painting on Monday, April 2. I hope to have the painting completed by Saturday, April 14, so there is little room for error. Hang on….it’s going to be a very busy week!