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PAINT QUALITY- Academic vs. Artist Grade: Have you ever stared at the display in a local crafts store and wondered the difference between all the different types and brands of paints? If so, this article is for you...

Paints are manufactured from pigments added to a base binding agent (with oil paints, the base is usually Linseed Oil.) The amount of pigment may differ dramatically between brands and types, and the difference can mean hours of fun and relaxation, or utter frustration.

Academic Grade Paints: "Academic" or "Student" grade paints usually are less expensive than their counterparts, but generally, they contain less pigment. This can result in "flat" looking paintings rather than the vibrant, eye-popping paintings that professionals create.

Unfortunately, there are no set standards to guarantee the term "Artist" or "Professional" Grade based on performance. There are some paints labeled "artist quality" that are not equivalent to the others, just as some student grade paints that are above average. Manufactures often have two lines of paint and apply the term "student quality" to their second or cheaper line. Many of the student grade paints are not ground as finely and/or have inert filler added to them as extenders. With less color pigment this brings the quality of the paint down a notch or two causing them to be weaker tinting, chalky or lack luster.

Buying artist quality or professional grade paints may cost a little more initially but they will save you money (and possibly hours of frustration) in the long run.

(More to come, later...)



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